Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little thing called... INDIGESTION

My dear little girl,

Today it happened.  The thing that I had been warned about.... dum, dum, dum... pregnancy-induced INDIGESTION.  Yes, I had lunch followed by an innocent burp that brought a little friend.  Nasty stuff like throw-up was there in the back of my throat and no matter how much I cleared my throat or drank water it was just...there!  more burps, uncomfortable gastric distension, and so forth.  At first it didn't hit me right away what was happening and it was a bit disconcerting but then my coworker Becca couldn't stop laughing at me and told me what was going on.  They tell me it will only get worse and will occur after every meal no matter what I eat.  My cousin Jessica had told me that Tums would become my last friend, and if today was any indication, she's right.  And all because you feel a need to grow or something ;-)  Well, you keep on growing my soybean; I dare say your mama can handle another 3+ months of almost anything for you.  Oh, I feel you knocking.. yep, it's 10:54 which means you're right on time.  Seems you like to have a little dance party around 11 each night for about 20 minutes.  You may be a night owl like your daddy *rolling my eyes*.  haha.

Love you,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My dear little one,

You will be relieved to find out that you are penis-free; why relieved??? because you are indeed a GIRRRRRRL  :-)  Here's the video your daddy took at the last OB appointment when we found out to our shock and happy amazement that you were not the little boy we thought you were.


I posed the question to my Facebook friends the day before our appt and asked them what they thought you'd be.  You might be interested to find that Facebook was right! 2:1 they voted on the side of "girl." Those on the winning side: Rachel Haq, Shirley Johnson, Mariana Vogel, Kristi Hendrickson, Debbie Mitchell, Ruth Hewson, Kristal Koski, Kadi Cavanaugh, Deanna Kleypas, and Sheila Harriman.
Boy: Tia Cavanaugh, Diane Hendrickson, Brittani Ramirez, Debra Ezell, and Crystal Nagelmueller.
P.S.  Oh, and just in case you are interested, I don't think we would have had you circumcised if you were a boy; I got a lot of feedback from that letter to you regarding it; most were ambivalent or opposed.  I even heard on the radio earlier this week that some county (in California, no surprise) is trying to outlaw circumcision.  It's a bit absurd in my opinion because it doesn't allow for circumcision even on religious grounds.  I think it should be a matter of parents' choice; but then again, I ask myself if I would feel the same regarding allowing female circumcision on religious grounds and I would say "no."  Oh the points-of-view and people that make this world turn round!