Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Gills

Dear Soybean,

I didn't have any morning sickness until a couple of days ago; since then, it starts to hit around late afternoon through the evening.  Yuck!  but I know you don't mean to make me sick so I won't hold it against you  ;-)   I'm starting to get a little weepy too. Tonight I found my eyes watering up watching American Idol (your dad makes me watch with him) and wondering whether our dogs looked sad (I had to give them each an extra treat and give them plenty of belly pats).  Tonight I kept a promise to your father that I would take it easy; seems like I've been pretty busy here lately and yet accomplishing a lot of nothing.

I had a great talk with your Grandpa Scheffler yesterday; he called me twice in one evening, a rarity in itself.  One was to talk about his gut-feelings about the spiritual impact you are going to have on this world and the second was to go over your physical development as he read about it in one of Peggy's medical books.

I broke news of you to Facebook the other day and got a boatload of comments.  I'll have to copy-and-paste them on this blog one day so that you can read them later.  You already have a lot of fans!!

I'm getting a bit freaked out about not being ready for your big day; I mean, there's so much to do.  We need to transform the guest bedroom/office into a baby room and start baby-proofing the house.  I try to tell myself that there's still over 7 months left, but I have a feeling that most of it will be left until the last minute.  As you get to know your dad, you'll realize that he has a heart-of-gold but that he is constantly nervous, thinking about this and that, which often materializes into procrastination.  At least he has the first step mapped out; he says this weekend he is going to go over what room is available in your Grandma Barbara's storage room and start moving stuff out of your room to make room for other stuff, baby stuff.

Your dad has kept his promise about turning over a new leaf; he has made it to church both Sabbaths since finding out you'll be joining us.  He says he's also serious about losing weight; he doesn't want you to have a fat dad that can't play with you.   :-)  He also says we can sell his XBox which I may very well take him up on (I'm wanting to see about trading it in for a Wii).  I pause to wonder if these video game consoles will be obsolete like Ataris and Segas by the time you're old enough to read this.  

I would love to write more but I'm pooped.  I don't remember ever hearing myself say "I'm tired" or "I'm hungry" but most often "I'm tired and hungry" so many times in my life as now.  I get tired of hearing myself whine.  ;-)  



P.S.  Your daddy said earlier this evening he could definitely tell a difference in my belly shape.  I told him it was just because I had stuffed myself with dinner, but he insists I'm showing... just a bit.  :-)

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