Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buying time....

Dear Soybean,

I've bought you some time, now what you do with that is up to you  :-) 

I had some spotting late yesterday morning about 11:30; I called up to the doctor's office and the nurse told me that it's the body's normal way of getting ready for labor.  Thus, I didn't have to go in early--we kept the 3:40pm appointment.  Your daddy and I went to the doctor together; the ultrasound was a bit of a disappointment, but only because you are so cramped that there weren't any good views of ya.  You seemed to get really active the moment the sonographer put the warm goop on my belly.  It was neat to see, through wincing eyes, you move as I felt it.  Apparently the big lump I get on that right side of my belly that you love so much is your foot.  We could see on the ultrasound you flex your foot and then again your hand trying to grab your foot (the sonographer had to do a lot of pointing stuff out to us, because as I said, it was mostly unintelligible to me with you all cramped up).  Very cool.  The songorapher could only manage to give us one glimpse of your face because you were so cramped and she mentioned that it looked like you were frowning.  It was true!  Perhaps there was a "shadow" on your face from the arm you had partially blocking our view but I have never seen such a frown--a deep, upside-down "V".  I promise, you'll be much happier out here--there's more space! You're estimated to weigh 6 lbs 2 oz.  Can you imagine how much less room you'd have if you were any bigger??

You were at 41 weeks 1 day yesterday and the doctor went over the sonography results with us.  He said the amniotic fluids were getting low and that "anything" could happen over 41 weeks so he gave us the option of inducing "tomorrow or... tomorrow."  I asked if the fluids were dangerously low, or just low.  He hesitantly said they weren't dangerously low and I then asked if we could wait until Friday morning to induce.  He paused and said it makes him a bit nervous but since all the test results were satisfactory, he would honor my wishes and let the cervix soften up a bit and let us wait for Friday.  I was having some discomfort just sitting there on the examining table so I was pretty sure you'll come before Friday on your own.   The doctor checked my cervix (ask your daddy what the doctor said as he put on his glove!).  It was really uncomfortable but I guess he was finally able to "push through" the cervix because he stated with some relief when he did so that he had wanted to be sure he'd at least be able to get through to break my water Friday.  I was having some tightness and more spotting yesterday evening, but as usual, the signs of impending labor eventually receded instead of built. 

So... there is a clock ticking.  Friday morning at 5:30 your daddy and I have to report to the hospital for the induction.  I'm telling you, this has all taken on a bit of a surreal feeling.  There around the due date, everyone's excitement reached such a fever pitch that it was downright crazy. I swear the same 6 or 8 people reached out to me twice a day to ask if I was in labor yet and there were a lot of other inquiries from the non-regulars.  Maybe that's why I took it so hard when you didn't come "on schedule."  But thankfully, people have calmed down in the couple of days since (you have to forgive their excitement) and I've been able to relax and just wait for the most part and do things like looking into refinancing our mortage for a cheaper monthly payment and shopping around for cheaper auto insurance rates.  It's amazing the ways you can find to save money when you're not actually too busy trying to earn that same money.

Your daddy and I discussed names again last night.  We've gone back and forth between Natalie Ann and Aaryn Dawn.  Some days one is our favorite and then the next day we're liking the other best.  As it stood last night, we preferred Natalie.  Your daddy mentioned that it seemed like a "good, solid name for a firstborn."  I had to laugh because I had thought the exact same thing.  It sounds responsible and sophisticated and elegant.  Aaryn carries a bit more of a carefree, whimsical tone which might better suit a younger sibling.  Your daddy said with a chuckle, "Here we are about to have the first and I'm already eager for the next."    He has wanted to be a daddy for so long.  :-)    I just hope your face shouts out us what your name should be.   And, please, no huge frowns!  I'm telling you, that frown we saw on yesterday's ultrasound was scary enough!  haha

Your dad had kinda hoped you had would yesterday so that you and he would both share a birthdate of "the 18th" but as I was making your dad's breakfast this morning and heard him loudly singing "My Baby Loves Me" with Martina McBride on the radio I had to laugh and believe that any day starting out like this would be a good day to be born too.

Love you baby girl. 



  1. This is so sweet! I am so excited for the three of you! You make me want one sooner rather than later! I wish you the best of luck!

    Shanna Chavez

  2. Aww I teared up reading this. You are going to be amazing parents.